EcoPro Merger


EcoPro Pest Control is Now Elevate Pest Control

Dear ECO PRO Customers:

We have some exciting news. We have decided to merge our company with our good friends at Elevate Pest Control. Instead of competing with each other we decided we could work better as a team and provide a much better service to you. We have done a lot of vetting to make sure we found the best company to merge with and we know Elevate will take very good care of you. You shouldn’t even notice a difference in the service. Elevate will continue to service your account on the same schedule, same price, and with the same amazing service you are used to. In fact you may even have the same technician. Please be patient with us during the transition phase, and feel free to reach out to us anytime you need. We will be working with Elevate to make this a seamless merge. If you have any questions or concerns please call. 

As part of the merge we will be offering a couple of new services that we hope will be beneficial to you, and the best part is you will be offered a discount on these services since you are a current pest control client. These services are:

LAWN CARE SERVICE. This service includes a broadleaf weed treatment that eliminates weeds from your yard, and also includes our premium fertilization for a more luscious green lawn. As an added bonus there will be included humate-an organic matter supplement to strengthen the soil, and a wetting agent to help your grass retain water easier so you can save a little on your summer water bills! 

MOSQUITO SERVICE. This service will reduce the amount of blood feeding pests that reside near or around your home. We do that by focusing on the areas that these pests harborage and live. We use Green, Eco-Friendly and CDC tested products that are applied via a misting system to the foliage, grass, bushes, trees in your yard. This allows it to adhere to the bottom side of all the foliage where these pests will rest, and will repel, and kill them as they come land on the product. 

We would love to hear from you as we continue to serve you. Please feel free to contact us at 435-753-3825, or by email at


Max and Andy